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Winter Weather Update
February 18, 2021

Dear Church,   

       What a crazy week this has been!  Many of our Calvary staff and members have been without electricity.  Our staff, deacons, ABFs, home fellowships and huddles have been checking on each other and as far as we know everyone is doing ok.  Some are using generators.  Others are staying in homes of friends or family with power.  Some are in hotels.  And some are braving it in their homes.  We thank God for the mutual support of church family and we pray for everyone's well being.

          Our staff is working on returning our office and ministry back to "normal" (at least COVID normal) as soon as possible.  Our campus has electricity but no internet.  Much of our operation depends on the internet, including our phone service.  But we are working on restoring that as soon as possible. 

          Our office, which was closed Monday and Tuesday, has reopened today (Wednesday) with limited operations.  We plan to carry on with our student ministry Remedy tonight (in-person and online) as well as with our children's ministry The Grove (online).  If you are part of a zoom WIT, EQUIP or ICC class, please check with your leader to see if you are meeting today.  We plan to have our regular worship services this Sunday (in-person and online) Lord willing.

             If you have a need or you know of someone who has a need, please contact our pastoral staff, or one of our deacons, or our community ministries associate on their mobile numbers or via email (we hope to get our church office landlines up soon).  We will try to get back with you as soon as possible given some of the power and technical challenges.  But we do want to make sure everyone in our church family is ok.  Some of our emails are below for your convenience:

           Paulo Gatan:

           Chad Mason:

           Susan Sosebee:

           Julio Varela:

           Eli Garza:

           Andree Lopez:

           Elizabeth Zamora:

           Ruben Rojas:

           We love you and we are praying for you!

    In the liturgical calendar today is Ash Wednesday.  In many church traditions, including some Protestant, this begins a period of forty days leading up to Palm Sunday.  This lenten season is a period of reflection on the suffering and grief of Jesus as he prepared to die on the cross for the sins of all humanity.  Although Baptists and other evangelicals are not bound by these traditions, it is a voluntary opportunity for prayer and reflection.  May we take time to reflect in the midst of our challenges about the heartache of Jesus over a broken and sinful humanity.  May our reflection lead us to pray for the salvation of the lost, the spiritual renewal of his church, the redemption of every sphere of human experience, and the arrival of hope in Christ as God's kingdom is established on earth in anticipation of his eternal kingdom in heaven.  May we long more for the eternal and spiritual as we let go of the temporal and physical.

Our hope is in the Lord!  He never fails!  Because of the cross and the empty tomb,   Then young women will dance and be glad, young men and old as well. I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow. - Jeremiah 31:13



     Julio S. Guarneri, Ph.D.,

     Lead Pastor