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New Members
January 15, 2021


Claudia and Jose (01/17/21)

Claudia has joined our church by testimony and Jose Luis has joined by baptism. Welcome to Calvary!

Soledad and Caleb (01/10/21)

We welcome to our Calvary family Soledad Pérez Palacios and Caleb Lira Cabello originally from Mexico (Caleb from Reynosa and Soledad from Matamoros). After a year attending services in Calvary en español on Sundays, they decided to become members of Calvary. The two knew Christ and were baptized at an early age. They know Osbaldo Games and Yareli, from our congregation, and that's why they decided to come to Calvary and join us by letter of transfer. Soledad and Caleb have transferred from Iglesia Bautista Siloe. We are happy to welcome you to Calvary!