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COVID19 Prayer Medical Team
June 18, 2020

“Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.”

Acts 4:30

The COVID19 Medical Prayer Team at Calvary Baptist Church was created in order to pray specifically for our healthcare workers and patients from our church, our community in the Rio Grande Valley, and nationwide. With the reopening of business, churches, and our community facilities, there has been shown to be an increasing amount of COVID 19 cases in our communities. Currently, nurses have been reporting that COVID floors are becoming full, more and more patients are coming in, and lack of staff to care for these patients is a foreseeable problem. While we have some information on how to protect ourselves from the pandemic, there is still much that is unknown. It seems like it affects people of different ages in different ways, from very mild symptoms to very severe symptoms. Everyday, there is new understanding and discoveries about the COVID19. 

While we believe in the specificity of prayer, we understand that this is a sensitive issue for many families in our church. Some of us  (or our loved ones) may have already been sick with COVID19. We want to encourage you that there is no shame in sickness, but we also understand that respecting your privacy and that of others while in the time of healing is extremely important.

If you need prayer, or know a loved one who needs prayer- whether they may be a worker exposed or a patient in need of healing and you would like a host of prayer warriors praying for you, feel free to contact me. Your privacy will be respected and protected. And most of all, we will pray for the power of our Great Physician to heal & restore. 

- Kira Sienes Corona RN, BSN

RGV Medical Facilities Represented by Employees

McAllen Medical Center

McAllen Heart Hospital

Rio Grande Regional Hospital

Edinburg Regional Hospital

Doctors Hospital at Renaissance (DHR Health System)

Mission Regional Medical Center

Mission Nursing & Rehab Center

Cornerstone Regional

Villages Health & Rehab Center

Family Practice Center (McAllen)

Clinica del Milagro (McAllen)

Walgreens (Mission)

CVS Pharmacy

Family Health Center (Mission)

Freedom Healthcare

The Clinic- Knapp Medical Group Weslaco


State/National/International Medical Facilities

Houston Methodist Sugarland Hospital (Houston, TX)

MD Anderson (Houston, TX)

South Texas Acute Dialysis (DFW, TX)

University Medical Center in Lubbock (Lubbock, TX)

Stoney Oaks Hospital (San Antonio, TX)

North Central Baptist (San Antonio, TX)

McCook Community Health and Tri Valley Health System (McCook, NE)

NYU Langone Hospital (Brooklyn, NY)

Elmhurst Hospital (Queens, NY)

Northwell Dialysis (Queens, NY)

Bayside Queens (Queens, NY)

South Canterbury Hospital (Timaru, New Zealand)

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