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RGV Refugee Fund
July 10, 2019

Since 2014 Calvary has been responding to the influx of immigrant refugees seeking asylum in the US from several Central American Countries.  The years 2014 and 2015 were especially active as Calvary's member and leadership were heavily involved in providing assistance to the McAllen Refugee Respite Center being operated, at the City of McAllen's request, by Catholic Charities.  Calvary provided volunteers daily to the respite center, and worked with our Humanitarian Partnerships to leverage AID to the immigrant refugees.  

Calvary partnered with BCFS to host a Laundry Unit onsite at Calvary and we laundered the bedding daily for the 100 plus immigrants staying overnight.  Texas Baptist Men loaned a separate Laundry Unit that was on hand for over a month.  BCFS also provided a shower trailer to the respite center so the immigrants could bathe.  Buckner International provided several trailers of clothing and shoes that we distributed as need to the Respite Center.  Calvary worked with BGCT to provide a staff member to help coordinate outside teams working and volunteering with the Respite Center. 

In addition to all of those things, Calvary also organized members to help us do several moral boosting events for the McAllen Border Patrol Station and it's 600 agents.  We opened those events up to other area law enforcement agencies.  Calvary was recognized with a plaque of gratitude from the McAllen Border Patrol Leadership. 

Now in 2019 the need has again become overwhelming.  The numbers are again staggering and the need to mobilize volunteers and resources has returned.  Calvary Missions Committee has maintained a Designated Fundraising Line Item for Refugee Relief since 2014, but at this we want to draw attention to the overwhelming immigrant need.  

While the politics in this arena are very complex, the reality of the massive human need is very simple.  In May alone over 133,000 immigrants mostly families with small children came to the US seeking help.  The respite center in McAllen is now hosting close to 1000 people per day and overnight.  They are always in need of volunteers and resources.  

At the end of May, Calvary again emerged as a leader in the Evangelical Response to the humanitarian Crisis here at the border.  Pastor Julio helped to organize an event at Valley Baptist Retreat Center in partnership with brother OE Brand.  The event hosted leaders from around the US that included Dr. James Dobson, Pastor Paula White, along with a number of White House Officials and the Border Patrol Chief.  The goal of the event was to catalyze RGV Evangelicals into working together to respond to this local, national crisis.  

Calvary will be collecting funds for RGV Refugee Relief at least through the end of 2019, and working with our partners to again leverage available resources to care for families coming to McAllen to get help.  You can give in the Sunday offering, online at, or in the office.  Designate your gift to: RGV Refugee Relief.  

All funds will be distributed to our local partners to assist directly with the work among immigrant families.