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Texas Baptists Family Gathering
June 25, 2018
Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the Texas Baptists Family Gathering in Arlington this year.  While Texas Baptists and other affiliated groups such as the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas and the African-American Fellowship of Texas Baptists have separate annual meetings every year, every five years we get to meet together as a big family.  So whether you’re interested in Convención or the African-American Fellowship or the general meetings of Texas Baptists, or all three, this is a great opportunity to attend, be inspired, learn and enjoy good worship, good preaching, and great fellowship.
Since Calvary is affiliated with both Texas Baptists and Convención any member of CBC can serve as a messenger of either or both annual meetings.  If you would like to serve as a CBC messenger (messengers get to vote in the plenary sessions) for either the general sessions or for Convención or both, please contact the church office or email
For information on speakers, schedule, childcare & day camp, workshops and hotels, go to
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