Children's Ministry


Children are important to Jesus. He continually placed them around him and talked about how to love them. Here at Calvary we aim to do the same by placing a high priority on our kids. Our goal is to be loving, train them on how to be a disciple, and show by example how to live a vibrant Christian life. We admit it takes focus, sacrifice and determination to model for our children what it means to be a disciple of Christ. We confess we aren’t always right, but we strive to show our children what it means to “follow Jesus” in every aspect of our lives. We hope you will join us on this exciting and fulfilling adventure to “train up our children in the way they should go” and with fervent prayer, we submit our lives and theirs to constant seeking of His will for them in their unique faith development.



Kids Connecting through Bible Fellowships

Sundays 9:30 & 11:00 AM

Children’s Bible Fellowships on Sunday morning is a vital area for any church. The Preschool and Children’s Bible Fellowship includes age level classes that focus on the Bible and its present day application for the children. Classes are held Sundays at 9:30 and 11:00 am.  Visit the Children's Building welcome station where someone can direct you your Bible Fellowship!


Wednesday Night Discipleship-The Grove 
Wednesdays 6:00 PM 

These classes will resume in the fall. Check back for updated info.

Our desire here at Calvary is for your children to become Christ followers with a strong heart for God. This year we want them to have a choice in deciding their path for growing. God has made your child special and unique with special gifts. We feel the Bible based choices we are giving them will help them grow while directing them to develop their God given talents. Pray with me that our children will begin (and continue) their faith development that will grow them into mighty disciples for Jesus. Check out the awesome classes we are offering!

Click here to download the registration form and turn it into the church office!

LIGHT Game: 
Kids that play the LIGHT game learn the word of God and have fun. For the word of God is “sweeter than honey” and so is memorizing it. Join us to learn the game and the Bible!
Creative Art: 
Class Limit 20
God made us to be creative but in today’s world unfortunately most kids don’t get to find out what that means. This Bible based art class will give kids the opportunity to find their creativity in the Lord.
Bible Drill:
This class is meant to develop Bible skills in children while participating in activities and games. Some of the important discoveries the children will make while in the class, will be divisions of the Bible, key passages and Bible Verses. They also will learn to apply the meaning of the stories and scriptures to their lives. This class encourages the children in the LIGHT game so that the children will  learn more than fifty scriptures from the Bible and will feel comfortable navigating the Word of God.

Royal Ambassadors: 
Boys Only-Class Limit 20 
This club is for boys who want to develop their “Love God, Love People” command from God. This is a BOY only class with lots of fun activities.( Parents-imagine a Boy Scout Club for Christian Young Boys with their aim to serve God.)

Godly Girls: 
Girls Only- Class Limit 20
This class is for girls that are interested in finding out what God has to say about being a Godly young woman. Girls, do you enjoy finding out about fashion, beauty tips, cooking and manners? Then this is the class for you! (Parents- this fun girl bonding time will teach Biblical principles for Godly virtues and character in our young women.)