Adult Ministry

Adult Bible Fellowships

At Calvary, we encourage every adult to build Christ-centered community with others through Adult Bible Fellowships, also called ABFs. These groups are the key venue to get to know others and to be known as well. They celebrate together, and they grieve together. Most importantly, they encourage each other in their life with Jesus through application oriented Bible study. Most of these groups meet on Sunday morning at 9:30 and 11:00 am in the Slayton Building and the Family Life Center. A few Spanish Language ABFs meet in homes during the week. Click here to view current ABF's.  


Equip Opportunities

Calvary offers an array of short-term, Bible studies to help a person GROW in a particular area of their life with Christ. Many of these courses are held on Wednesday at 6:45 pm in the Slayton Building. Most of these courses are about 6 to 12 weeks long.

Senior Adults at Calvary

The Bible tells us gray hair is a crown of glory.  That’s the way we feel about senior adults at Calvary, for they are all special to us.  The general titling of Senior Adults covers a wide span of years from those who are still active in the work force, those who are in a transition to life change as they end or reduce hours in their primary work profession and move into a new vocation or develop some hobbies or interests as they have more time.  Some develop a full life of volunteering in our church and community.  As families, some still have children at home or home again.  Some are full time caregivers of their grandchildren.  Others are experiencing an empty nest and adjusting to new life circumstances.

Whatever the stage of life seniors are in, Calvary welcomes them.  Young seniors, middle seniors, or older seniors will find many points of connection in our church.  In numerous settings, there will be opportunities to be with other seniors or in multigenerational relationships.

At Calvary, there are Bible study groups for all ages.  Some have a wide range of ages.  Some are very grouped in age.  Twice a month the seniors gather for fun playing table games, munching on snacks they bring to share, and just good visiting.  Monthly there is a carry-in lunch on Sunday.  Annually there are trips planned, and just about any given week groups get together for outings.

Senior adults are vital to our church in their volunteerism.  They teach in all age groups.  They serve as receptionists and office volunteers.  There are senior adults who serve as ushers and greeters and in many areas in the local, regional and international missional activity of our church.  There are a number of senior adult men who are ordained deacons in our church.

We value our senior adults and thank God for the blessing, wisdom, and seasoning they bring to us.  They are a rich palette of colors and textures in the painting of Calvary life.