ABF | Adult Bible Fellowship

At Calvary McAllen, our members thrive when connected to smaller communities. At CBC you can choose to join a group on campus that meets on Sunday mornings, or join a Home Fellowship that meets during the week. ABF’s meet for 1 hour and 15 minutes every Sunday to share life, study God’s Word, challenge one another spiritually, and to pray for one another. Calvary McAllen has ABFs that meet at 9:30am in English, and at 11am in English or Spanish.


Home Fellowship Groups

Calvary McAllen is blessed to have many groups that meet off campus through a normal week. It is in these groups that many of our disciples are growing rapidly in their faith. These groups are intimate and friendly.

Home Fellowships are designed to represent our community. This means they are flexible in their make up. Some have young families, some have young adults, some have older families whose children have left home, some are mixtures of all of them. We are constantly looking to recruit, train, and launch new home groups into our community.

Our prayer is that one day our home fellowship network will reach far beyond the area that Calvary McAllen serves, and that these Home Fellowships will be capable of multiplying endlessly.