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Lorraine Armas
Communications Associate

My name is Lorraine Armas. I am a creative content manager and communications nerd. God has given me an unquenchable passion for impacting people’s lives so that they can be in a deeper relationship with Jesus. My life
 is surrounded by Jesus' business, my husband, and my kids. Really, church is home and the house is for rest. I have a BA in Communications from Universidad de Monterrey (yes, 100% bilingual!) and an MBA from University of Phoenix. I have served as the Communications Associate at Calvary Baptist Church, McAllen since 2014 and I focus on maintaining all news and events and keep the community updated to join and celebrate what God is doing at Calvary.


Who is Jesus?:

Jesus is everything. Without Him doors would not open and grace would not be given. He is Lord of all. 


Does God heal today?:

His goodness is eternal and God continues to show us his love in many ways including healing the sick of heart and body. His forgiveness restores in such a miraculous way and His love covers all sin.


Why and How should I Read the Bible:

There is a treasure found in His word: the manual of our lives and how to live it to the fullest. Reading and meditating on God's word will develop a deeper relationship with God. Tokens of wisdom will encounter our lives and transform us into what He has designed us to be.


Prayer for Calvary:

Let us continue to share all the wonders and majesty of our God. Let us show others the way to enter the gate of salvation and eternal life. Let us equip those called to serve, loving them and drawing them closer to God through the teachings of Jesus Christ. May we be a brave church who represents Jesus.