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Paulo Gatan
Pastor for Administration and ABFs

I’ve been happily married for 33 years to my lovely wife Cecille. We are blessed with 3 children; Dianne Cecilia (Dee), Juan Paolo (Julo), and Michaela Joy (Mikee). Both Dee and Julo are professionals working as Registered Nurses, while our youngest Mikee is a college sophomore at UTRGV Brownsville taking up Bio Medical Sciences. Next to Christ, my wife and children are the love of my life. Reading, golf, and fishing are hobbies I really enjoy, while Bible intake and praying in solitude keep my sanity intact.

After attaining my seminary degree (MDiv) in 2014, I had the privilege of being called on board Calvary to serve in my current position. Coming from a secular background all my life and shifting to the pastorate was never without challenges. By the grace of God, my pastoral calling has blended with the administrative role I now have. My ministry philosophy has always been based on teamwork. As the apostle Paul wrote, “body of Christ”, I consider Calvary as one of the best places to serve under that premise.

As I envision my next five years here at Calvary, I pray to our Lord that he will help me accomplish the following: First, to lead all existing and future Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) toward the biblical challenge of becoming transformational groups and loving communities (koinonias) whose main goal is to make disciple-makers collectively over gaining biblical knowledge, fellowship, and love. Second, to establish and determine cost-efficient ways of advancing the Gospel and church-planting in this era where much skepticism about giving to churches has pervaded our society. Last but not least, to be able to assist in developing a sustainable long-term plan that aims to preserve Calvary’s existing facilities for succeeding generations that will come after us.

What does our purpose statement mean to you?
I firmly believe we have a great purpose statement because it is well-anchored in Scripture.  The Great Commandment of loving God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength is the foundational premise to fulfilling Jesus Christ’s Great Commission of making disciple-makers. Once we’ve settled the question on the purpose for our existence individually and as a church body, our resolve to glorify God through love and obedience solidifies. Because we are driven and exist with a biblical purpose, we can be confident that the results will always be God-sized and way beyond what we ask or imagine. Soli Deo Gloria!

Is there more to life than this?
A young man whom I shared the gospel to once asserted that life seems pointless because everything comes to an end as soon as we pass away. I reasoned that only when we discover the purpose for why we exist from a biblical perspective can we truly realize that there is indeed more to life than this. The gospel offers that promise and hope of eternal life. That’s true life! And, that’s why Jesus came…

Who is Jesus to you?
Scripture reveals Jesus theologically as God incarnate, the Way, Truth, Life, the Light of the World, King of Kings, Savior of the world, Son of God, Man, Messiah, the Lamb of God and so much more. Unless we have faith in who Jesus is and what He has done for us, we will not have a good estimation and appreciation of these theological declarations that lead to a personal relationship with God.

Personally, He is my Lord, savior, refuge, counselor, friend, peace, joy, strength, hope, and life…for it is only in Him that I live, move, and have my being (Acts 17:28).

What is your prayer for this church?
I pray for revival in a sense that all members of our congregation will become passionate about fulfilling our purpose statement out of love for God and for His glory. In line with this, I pray that God will raise more leaders who will commit to the gospel’s advancement by making disciple-makers.