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Elizabeth Zamora
Community Ministries Associate

My name is Elizabeth Zamora, Community Ministry Associate for 11 years here at CBC.  I am happily married to Joaquin Zamora and we have one teenage daughter, Emily Zamora.  We enjoy traveling, nature hikes, getting to know our community, and enjoy family time. I have been a member of Calvary for 16 years.  


Who is Jesus to me? 

Jesus is the example of what God wants for me and an example for us all to follow. I have learned over the years that you have to die to yourself and live for Jesus. (Luke 9:23) The road to following God is a hard road that includes suffering, faith, hope, love, and forgiveness.  Jesus is the I AM, The Prince of Peace, and our Everlasting Savior.


Does God heal today?

God is our healer.  He can heal physically and spiritually. (Jeremiah 30:17)  He will heal in his own way, whether here on earth or in heaven.  He will heal the sick, hurt, broken-hearted, and He will renew our strength. We have to trust in God in all things, no matter the difficult situations that arise in every season of life. (Proverbs 3:5)  It's not easy. If we let go of the things that control us God can heal and restore us.  God is peace, love, and restorer.


Why should I read the Bible?

Reading God's word is vital to developing a better relationship with God. His word is truth and food for our hearts and minds. It helps us grow and develop an understanding of what God wants for each one of us. God will use His Word to guide us in life and equip us when being attacked by Satan's schemes.  Satan is here to destroy relationships, people, and everything he can overtake. We are God's children and we belong to Him. We must equip ourselves with God's Word to overcome spiritual warfare, grow in Him, and help share God's Word to all.


What is your prayer for this church?

My prayer for this church is that all decisions that are made are honoring and pleasing to God. That our church will develop a love for Christ and our community. That we will reach the lost for Christ, create disciples-makers, and humble ourselves to serve others in God's love. (Matthew 28:19) (Acts 1:8)