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Chad Mason
Pastor for Mobilization and Global Impact

My name is Chad Mason. I am married to my beautiful wife, Alise, and we have two children Makaila, and Aly.  We have been living here in the Valley since Jan 2013, serving on staff here at Calvary.   We have grown to love many of the people we get to serve next to, and are blessed to see the Church responding to God’s word and mission. 
Calvary’s Mission statement is “Calvary exists to make disciple-makers for the glory of God among the Nations.”  
For me, this is a powerful statement that cuts to the core of who we are meant to be as Followers of Jesus and who we are meant to be as an extension of Christ’s body together; the church.  Simply put all that we do here at Calvary should be measured by whether or not it is helping our members or helping disciples make new disciples.  I believe that there are two primary functions of the gathered church: 1.  Worship God together Romans 12:1, this is not just music, or even the worship service, it is the “offering of one’s body as a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing, and acceptable, this is your spiritual act of worship.”  It is the dying to our flesh and pursuing God’s purposes that brings God the greatest glory.  2.  It is to equip disciples to be fully formed disciple-makers.  In Ephesians 4:11-16 we see Paul encouraging the Church to grow to become fully mature so that the Kingdom of God may advance.  Our mission statement focuses our church on those two things: Worship & Equipping 
So we have to then ask ourselves what is a disciple?  How are Disciples made?  
These questions should be the gasoline that powers the engine of the church.  It is exceedingly important that every church have answers to these questions.  I think that many of today’s churches do not know how to answer them.  First I think that it is much simpler than we make it today.  It is simply learning to obey all that Jesus commanded.  
For so long we have focused on learning. The church doesn’t understand that knowing is not the same as doing.  Disciples are not just learners, they are apprentices.  They seek to learn and practice so that they can do just like the Master.  Disciple Makers model the faithful life for their disciples so they can see how to live and be on mission.  Disciples always make new disciples. It is inherent to being a disciple.  
A disciple simply abides deeply in the Love and Grace of God, and seeks to obey Jesus’ command to go, make disciples of all nations, baptize them, and teach them to obey all that He commanded.  They also love one other, bear one another’s burdens, and some are called to lead other disciples in regular gatherings for the purpose of “spurring one another on to love and good deeds.” 
What about those who have never heard?
In this question are two groups of people:  Those who have the gospel in their language, culture, and context.  And those who are without access to that gospel.  The first group we called Unchurched, only one barrier separates them from hearing and understanding.  The second group we called Unreached.  This refers to the roughly 2 billion people on this planet that have not only not heard, but have limited or no access to anyone who has heard.  
To reach the unchurched is the responsibility of every disciple.  Every disciple should see their relational network of family, friends, co-workers, and class-mates as their primary mission field when they are in a home environment.  If every disciple made it a point to share Christ with their relational network, and then on occasion with strangers as God gave opportunity, we would see every region of the US saturated with the Gospel.  
To reach the Unreached is a different animal all together.  This involves trying to cross multiple complex barriers including, language, custom, prejudice, faith, and often times worldview.  It involves a great deal of sacrifice and patience, but is of greater importance in view of God’s mission.  God’s mission clearly states that all of the “ethne’s” (nations, peoples, languages) would be represented in heaven (Rev 7:9).  If it is of utmost importance to Him, it should be to us as well.  
The church exists to “make disciple makers (equip) for the glory of God (worship) among all the nations (ethne).  This is who we are and why God has put us here. 
My Prayer for Calvary: 
I pray that our congregation would be representative of our mission statement. I pray that we will see every disciple become a disciple maker. That every disciple would go, sow seed, grow new disciples, gather with them, and guide them to lead others.  If we see that we will see God’s Kingdom expand to every unreached place within our lifetime.  Amen!!!