At Calvary, we encourage every adult to build Christ-centered community with others through Adult Bible Fellowships, also called ABFs. These groups are a key venue to get to know others and to be known as well. They celebrate together, and they grieve together. Most importantly, they encourage each other in their life with Jesus through transformational Bible study. These groups meet online through Zoom. Intrested in joining an ABF? Contact Pastor Chad (chad@calvarymcallen.org) or Pastor Paulo (paulo@calvarymcallen.org) for any quesitons, concerns, or more information! 


Real growth and learning takes place in a smaller Bible study group. If you wish to learn more about your relationship with God and His word and how those impact your life, Calvary's Bible Fellowships are the place for you.

You will not only study the Bible in a small group, but you will experience so much more. The friendships made in our Adult Bible Fellowships can have an eternal impact on your life. The ministry done through small groups of people, caring for each other's needs, is heartwarming and inspirational. The love and support from those relationships fill a need we all have in an increasingly hectic and impersonal world.

Dynamic Bible study groups also exist for other ages, as well. Our students embrace meaningful and timely studies to help their faith in a difficult and challenging life. We also teach our children and preschoolers, from the earliest age, the basic truths of God's love and care for them and how to have a rich and meaningful life here on earth and for all eternity.

You need to grow in your knowledge and application of the Bible's truths and revelation for your own life. Calvary's Bible Fellowships are the place for that to happen. We have many classes at two different hours on Sunday mornings, and every class has a personality. We encourage you to find the class that works for you. You'll be so glad you did. Try it this week, for your entire family.

Calvary will be gathering ONLINE at the moment.