Worship Ministry

Worship permeates the life of the church at Calvary Baptist. We are to worship God “in spirit and in truth,” and music is an incredibly powerful vehicle for helping us express our hearts to God… to worship Him “in spirit”. We believe children, from a very young age, can learn to glorify God through music and worship, and that they were created to worship, so we begin very early teaching them to sing and understand how to worship God. Through children’s worship on Wednesday evenings, Sunday morning worship services, youth praise band, adult bands, choirs and praise teams, handbell choirs and various other ensembles and worship events, Calvary’s music program supports the purpose of equipping us all to glorify God through worship.


“Classic” and “Contemporary” 
Worship Bands and Praise Teams


There are two bands that support the Sunday morning worship services at Calvary. 

The band for the “Classic” worship service is made up of keyboardists, orchestral instruments, drums, bass and acoustic guitars and any other capable instrumentalists that God brings us. Some players in this band depend on sheet music while others play by chord charts and lead sheets. 

The band for the “Contemporary” worship services is made up of acoustic guitar, lead electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocalists and any other instrumentalists who can enhance contemporary worship and play by ear using chord charts. 

 Vocally, the “Voice of Praise” Adult Choir supports the “Classic” worship service, and a “praise team” supports the “Contemporary” services. Hearing and singing harmonies by ear (unless you are the female melody singer) is an important skill for the praise team members to possess along with a passionate love for worshipping God through music. 

Interested in knowing more? Call the music office at (956) 686-4364.




 "Voice of Praise” Adult Choir 
 “Voice of Praise”, Calvary’s adult choir, is a vital part of the “Classic” worship service.   Rehearsal attendance and  a love for praising God through singing are the only requirements to be a part of the choir.  As a worship-leading choir, our rehearsals focus on spiritual and musical preparation for Sunday worship.  All adults are welcomed. We meet in the Choir Room  from 6:30 - 8 p.m. every Wednesday, September through May.  The Classic choir serves as the core for the church-wide Christmas Choir in the fall and throughout the Christmas season.


The Children’s Choir is a component of the Wednesday night GROVE program for children three years old through the sixth grade. In the Fall, the children prepare for a Christmas musical, presented during the Christmas season.